Astonishing, but absolutely true…
“Ex-Rocket Scientist Exploits The Same ‘Predictive Analysis’ Artificial Intelligence Concepts He Used To Develop Flight Simulation For Pilots In The U.S. Air Force To Forecast The Stock Market With Uncanny Accuracy!”
What if you could predict… with laser-like precision… when a stock, index, Forex pair or ANY TRADEABLE ENTITY is about to explode in value? 

Well… strange but true… now you can. And this ex-rocket scientist has made it so simple, you could have made $52,540 per contract on just one of his trades.
What Would You Do With an Extra $52,540
  • ​Finally take that amazing vacation you have always dreamed about?
  • ​Put a down payment on a nice beach or lake house for weekend getaways?
  • ​Or even pick up that 1969 Camaro fully restored you have always wanted?
These are choices you could be able to make thanks to an amazing new software.
Read on to discover how you can access his high-powered market-predicting software…
If you are firmly convinced that absolutely no one can beat the stock market (or any other market for that matter) I understand your skepticism.

In fact, most experts claim that 95% of all traders lose money in the markets. All sorts of reasons are given for the losses (perhaps you can relate to some of these yourself)…
  • ​Poor money management
  • ​Bad timing
  •  Lack of discipline
  •  A poor strategy, etc.
Truth be told, these factors do play a role in individual trading success…but there is a deeper reason why most people lose.
This one factor can murder your trading account at any time.

It has caused many a would-be trader’s career to come to a swift and gut-wrenching end.

But I urge you to read every word on this web page.

That’s because I’m about to reveal the name of that brutal portfolio-killing monster… and how you can completely eradicate it from your trading.

I’ll also tell you how to eliminate any other factors that are keeping you from making consistently profitable trades.

Here’s the story…
A Journey From NASA to The NYSE
Hi, my name is Randy Lindsey. I’m an actual, real-life rocket scientist who worked with the U.S. Air Force as a research engineer for 14 years.

I continued to work with various government defense contractors on many exciting (and Top Secret) scientific projects.
Randy Lindsey 
I did a lot of work with cutting edge artificial intelligence. In fact, I developed AI software with predictive analysis technology to solve USAF pilot simulation delays – a major step in ramping up pilot training.

I later realized that the predictive analysis skills I had developed translated perfectly into trading stocks.

Because of my work on artificial intelligence and its use for predicting outcomes in spacecraft simulator controls, I knew I could use these same concepts to predict future stock prices.

I discovered that the “rocket science” of predictive technology through artificial intelligence and neural networks has some parallel uses in the stock markets.

In fact, it was probably my master’s thesis project that launched me into stock trading. I developed a recurrent neural network that was used to solve many current USAF problems.

Eventually I figured if all this “rocket science” technology was good enough for NASA, it was good enough for the NYSE!

As it later turned out, the predictive science was good enough to conquer any market under the sun
How I “Tweaked” An Already Powerful Software Program To Predict The Markets With Uncanny Accuracy
After significant research using my predictive analysis strategies (along with a mixture of successes and failures) I finally figured out how anyone could beat any market.

It became crystal clear to me that VOLUME was the key to predicting the next big market move.

I discovered that…
  • ​Volume is the ONLY leading indicator
  • ​Volume is the ONLY indicator which signals a price movement BEFORE it happens. 
  •  Volume is the ONLY indicator which signals market intent.
But I needed real time data for my concepts to work. 

Lagging indicators such as moving average crossovers would not suffice because they occur after a certain price move has already happened!

So the huge drawback to using lagging indicators is that a significant move may have already occurred, resulting in the trader entering a position too late.

Can you relate to that? How many big trades have you missed out on by being “too late to the party”?

But it seemed like everyone at the time was using inefficient lagging indicators to trade. I knew I had to do better to be able to beat the market.

And then something interesting happened…

I replaced my six figure income and was able to retire and trade full time. 
Replacing A SIX FIGURE Income  And Becoming A Full Time Trader
I discovered Hawkeye Traders’ website in 2005 and attended one of their Live Seminars. 

I was so impressed, I bought the whole suite of software indicators.  

These indicators were the key. They were the platform I needed to springboard my ideas from. 

I applied my plan and the Hawkeye tools to all different markets, and found strategies that were consistently profitable, no matter what market I traded.   

The Hawkeye indicators were the missing link and enabled me to replace my full time SIX FIGURE income with my trading. 
Nigel Hawkes, the Founder of Hawkeye Traders, took notice of my success and was so impressed he brought me into the company. 

I helped Nigel improve the software and revamped it to include my consistent market-beating strategies and AI ideas. 
Nigel Hawkes
Sometimes You Have To Put Up Or Shut Up.
Out of the blue something horrible happened. 

Nigel called me and told me he was retiring. Of course when he retired Hawkeye would be retired along with him. 

This scared me to no end.

The rug was being pulled out from underneath my feet.

All my methods and strategies were built around the Hawkeye indicators and they were responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in profits for me and several others. 

What would I do?

Everything else I came across was junk. 

There were outliers who found success for certain. But it was not like Hawkeye.

Those who apply the methods found success, period!

So, I did what any totally insane, irrational person would do (sometimes to be successful you have to get a little crazy). 

I  bought the Hawkeye company outright from Nigel.

I believed in the software and my strategies so strongly that I stepped up, bought the company from Nigel, and took the reins of one of the most powerful volume trading companies in the industry today – Hawkeye Traders.  

I even “tweaked” the software further to make it yet more powerful and easier to use.
Nurse Retires And Trades Full Time Thanks To The Hawkeye Software Suite And Strategies
Meet Vauna G. Vauna bought the full suite of tools right off the bat.  In no time she was able to retire from her career as a nurse and now trades full time! 

We got a chance to Interview Vauna recently and her story blew me away.  She has no trading background and has easily been able to surpass what she made as a nurse. 
Vauna G
" May of 2018 I retired as a nurse and now I'm trading full time! I don't have a trading background and I know very little about the market, but if you just look at the picture in front of you and follow the rules you're going to be able to do it. You know with price and volume that's basically all that you need. My daily goal needs to surpass my income that I made as a nurse. And that has happened so I'm very satisfied with that!”    -  Vauna  G
Here's The Quickest Way To Drastically Simplify Your Trading...
With my “new and improved” software and suite of indicators, even amateur traders are now making consistent profits in any market they care to trade. 

In fact, Nigel Hawkes once said the following…

“I am proud to say that, to date, that with now hundreds of Hawkeye traders globally, I could count on one hand those that have written to say that Hawkeye is not working for them.”
With VOLUME as your main indicator, you WILL be successful and make money. 

As you have already seen, it’s even possible to be able to quit working for someone else and make trading your own full-time business. 

After digging in and getting a feel for the experience of other traders I noticed something.   

Every trader is a little different. 

They perceive things differently, and that led to some inconsistencies across the user base. 

Why the inconsistencies? It’s because of the subjectivity of so many other strategies. 

Considering that subjectivity… along with the many different perceptions and perspectives of individual traders… it was no wonder these traders were not getting consistently successful results! 

And that ate me up inside. 

You see, I knew the power of trading volume. I experienced it myself and I realized I needed a way to standardize the entry.

A way to make sure that the amazing results most of my users and I have experienced would be everyone's experience. 

And so, the 3-Step Method was born... 

The 3-Step Method is a way to make trading a mechanical, non-emotional process.

I knew if I could take people’s emotions out of the equation it would even the playing field.
After all, emotions are the number one account killer.
3-Step Method Makes it Easier Than Ever To Quickly and Easily Produce Profitable Traders
After months of research and trial-and-error (with a lot of boring NASA-type calculations), I was able to create what I now call “The 3-Step Method”. 

I can now set people up with the Hawkeye software, teach them the simple 3-step process, and almost overnight take just about any trader from wherever they are now to a consistently profitable one.

That’s because my 3-Step Method totally removes the subjectivity and trader perceptions from the trade!

In my 3-Step Method, I supply the step-by-step process I personally use to make and manage my trades.

Within months of the formula’s release, the testimonials started rolling in.  

People were finding success within just days of signing up vs. what used to take us several weeks of training.

Bottom line… the 3-Step Method made it easier than ever to quickly and easily produce profitable traders.

(Want FREE access to Randy’s powerful 3-Step Method? Read on to discover how)…

OK, enough preamble. Time to see Hawkeye Traders Software in action…
Why “Double-Dot Roadkill” Could Soon Be A Powerful Phrase In your Trading Vocabulary
So what the heck is “Double-Dot Roadkill?” It’s my term for an easily-seen, killer trade that makes a ton of money.

Take a look at these trades flashed by the software to see what I mean…

NOTE: In each of these examples, pay attention to the spots where our software indicated buy signals. You’ll notice that they all take place right before a monster upward blast in price! 

This illustrates the raw power of Volume Price Analysis.

(The software runs on the most popular trading platforms. Here are sample screenshots from TradeStation, NinjaTrader and MT4)
Massive Profits - Easily Seen On TradeStation!
This chart of NQ - E-Mini NASDAQ 100 Futures shows congestion prior to the market open, but our Hawkeye software sent an “all clear” signal where our trend and volume indicators went long and green prior to the open.

This allowed you to take a position before a huge market open. 

You could have ridden that monster open all the way to where the chart flashed the large red volume at the top right, signaling it was time to take profits and exit the trade.

Potential profits: 7,495 – 7,440 = 55 points @ $20 a point = $1,100 per contract in three hours.
Multiple Successful Trades – All Volume Based!
When you can predict Price Action ahead of time, you’re often able to bank nice profits multiple times on the same trade.

For example, this Gold Futures chart shows multiple trade opportunities (both short and long) that were signaled by Volume ahead of time. 

Study the red and green arrows on the chart below and you’ll see highly accurate entry and exit points for nice gains.

Finally, the last green up arrow shows the setup for the overnight and next day direction, with the initial entry nailed in time to bag the massive profits following.

Potential profits: 1,214 – 1,190 = 24 points @ $100 a point = $2,400 per contract in just a few hours.
A Double-Dot Roadkill Gold Day Trade
Banks An Easy $3,000!
This chart shows a Gold Futures intraday trade. As you can see, you had two separate opportunities to trade using double-dot Roadkill entry signals on a trend continuation trade. Combined for almost $3,000 with the trailing stop exit.

Potential profits: $1,630 + $1,350 = $2,980 for the day.
Are you beginning to see how – with the proper use and implementation of our Hawkeye Traders products – it’s quite possible to quit your “day job” and trade for a living?

We hope so, because many of our students have done exactly that.

Why not you?
Back-To-Back 76% And 120% Profits On NinjaTrader Charts!
This chart shows a Position Trade on BA – The Boeing Company.

As you can see, the initial two green arrows show the Hawkeye Volume signals, which allowed you to enter the trade way ahead of time. Then the new trend began, and the first trade ended with another Hawkeye Volume signal.

First trade profits: $65 per share, or 76%. 

Then the next trade flashed a beautiful Volume signal, setting you up to enter the massive uptrend, and 120% profits after another volume exit. 

Second trade profits: $185 per share, or 120%. 
68% Profit Banked – And More!
This chart shows another Position Trade, this time on CAT – Caterpillar Inc.

Once again, you can see a beautiful Volume setup and trend entry, eventually letting you bank 68% gains. 

The chart also shows two opportunities to add to the position for even further profits. The exit was again volume-based. 
236 Pips On This Double-Dot Roadkill Forex Trade Using MT4!
Trade the Forex? Here’s an example of a EUR/AUD Double-dot Roadkill entry setup with a nice add opportunity to increase the position until the Volume exit signal for +236 pips!
Another $1,000 Banked With This Double-Dot Roadkill Trade!
This is a simple NASDAQ chart, showing another double-dot Roadkill entry with a clear Volume exit signal for $1,000 per contract profits.
And with any of these trade examples, you can quickly see that your fee for our software and indicator suite can easily be covered with just one good trade a month.
A Clean, Volume-Based Entry And Exit On This Massive $52,540 Double-Dot Roadkill Trade!
Here’s a chart of the NASDAQ again, and another Position Trade.

Again, you could have had a nice volume-based entry with the double-dot Roadkill setup.  

This longer-term position trade based on a weekly chart gained $52,540 per contract with a clean volume-based exit signal. 
As you can tell by now, our software and indicators work on any time frame… from minutes to months. 

So no matter what type of trader you are – from the most frenetic day trader to a laid-back, longer term position trader – Hawkeye Traders software and indicator suite will work for you. 
People All Over The World Are  Firing Their Bosses To Become Full Time Traders As A Result Of Hawkeye
Sven has worked in sales all his life, traveling around the world but in recent years the stress has effected his health. He inherited some money that he invested with his bank and felt they were not getting the job done.

So he decided to trade himself losing a lot until Hawkeye. Sven now trades full time and relies only on the Hawkeye suite of indicators for all of his trade decisions. 
"This is a tool where you in a structural way feel confident just following the rules. I'm sitting here I'm watching my screen right now and I can almost predict what will happen in the next two or three minutes in ES (E-mini). It's just printing money sometimes.”        - Sven
Seasoned Professionals Wont Trade Without The Hawkeye Advantage
Paul has a degree in finance and was a series 7 stock broker for years.  He has actually worked on the trading floor at major exchanges. 

He is a long time user (over 5 years) and wouldn't consider entering the market without first consulting Hawkeye.  

It is the go to system if you ask him. 
Paul N
"I've been using Hawkeye for about 5 years. I do not make a trade in any market without consulting Hawkeye... It's just amazing the system that he developed... Randy is unbelievable as a human being, he takes an interest in the people, he doesn't just sell you a system... I would tell people to run, don't walk, to use Hawkeye."         - Paul N
Seen Enough? Here’s How You Can Test This Ultra-Powerful Software For Yourself… At almost NO COST!
OK, so here’s the deal…

We are so sure that… once you witness the raw power and uncanny accuracy of our Hawkeye Traders software and suite of indicators… you will be convinced that it’s the only product you will ever need for successful, consistently profitable trading.

That’s why we are happy to let you try out the full suite of the software and indicators for 14 days, nearly FREE of charge.

Here’s what you get…
The Hawkeye Professional Package
Hawkeye Volume Module (Volume, Volume Radar, Volume PaintBar)
$497 Value
Hawkeye Pivots Widebar
$297 Value
Hawkeye Trend Module (Trend+Stops, Heatmap, Profit Accelerator (Adds))
$797 Value
Hawkeye Levels Module (Levels ATR, Grabba) 
$497 Value
Bonus Indicators (Vertical Line, Countdown, TimeBetweenBars)
$197 Value
Hawkeye Roadkill Module
$597 Value
Hawkeye Toolset (Tools for TS-RS/NT-MA/ES-WL)
$597 Value
Hawkeye Gear Module  (GearBox and GearChanger)Hawkeye Roadkill Module
$597 Value
Hawkeye GearFX Module (GearBoxFX and GearChangerFX)
$397 Value
Hawkeye Fatman Module
$597 Value
Hawkeye Fatboy Module
$497 Value
Hawkeye Kiss Module
$197 Value
$5764 Value
When You Register For Your Trial Today You Also Get!

Access to the Inner Circle

This is unlike any support group you have ever experienced. This is a very active group of people that create life long bonds and help one another with their trading.  I am active in this group daily and we make a lot of money and have a lot of fun.

Written user manual and trading rules

A thorough explanation of each indicator, what it is, what it does, and how to set it up. This is step by step instructions on how to implement these indicators into your own trading strategies which will put you one step closer to firing your boss and trading full time.  

And get this…

To purchase our Hawkeye Traders software and suite of indicators individually, normally it would set you back a tidy $5,764

But we realize that fee could be out of reach for you if you’re a small trader or on a budget.

So here’s what we recommend…

Run the software through its paces for 14 days at no cost up front. 

Discover your own market-beating trades.

Hey, you just might make enough money in 14 days of trading to pay for an entire year of Hawkeye Traders service (or just purchase the software and be done with it)!

And then… once you truly ARE totally convinced that Hawkeye Traders provides the only product or service you will ever need again for killer trading… you can continue with the service for just $297 a month or downgrade to a lower package that suits you. Just send us an email and we will adjust your account. 

That way, you can “lease” the software and suite of indicators as long as you want to for much less than the full price of $5,764.

But with just a few of the monster trades like we showed you above under your belt, you may be in the position to fully own a license to the software very soon.

Even Hedge Funds Use Our Technology To Support Their Own Trading Strategies
Listen, several hedge funds incorporate our technology into their own trading strategies.

In fact, here’s what Max Larsen (a $200 Million Dollar fund manager) of Future Finances, Inc. has to say about Hawkeye Traders products: 
Max Larson President Future Finances, Inc.
"As a professional money manager – with $200 million under management – I find the Hawkeye system to be an indispensable tool in my investment research. I would strongly encourage everyone to attend their seminar to understand Hawkeye’s unique trading methodology and approach to the market. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned investment manager his knowledge on how the markets work was transforming. This has definitely been a competitive advantage.” 
So if our software works for multi-million dollar hedge funds, it can certainly work for you.  

And for $297 a month… it’s a steal.

But we want you to try it out first for and see for yourself.

But we’re not done yet… 

You see, we want to make this offer a real no-brainer. So I’ve decided to include a few ultra-valuable bonuses.
BONUS #1: Randy Lindsey’s 3-Step Method.  
You read about my powerful 3-Step Method above. It’s a way to totally eliminate portfolio-killing emotions from your trading.  

Using this dynamic system, most traders have become successful in just a few days after getting access to our software, rather than after weeks of training.

Real World Value:  $997.00
BONUS #2: Exclusive training on Hawkeye Traders software and suite of indicators.   
We would never hand you the keys to a new Ferrari without instructions on how to use this powerful vehicle safely.

We feel the same way about our software.

Lots of other trading educators might charge you for the training you sorely need to be successful with their software or system.

Not us.

We would never give you access to our software without additional, in-depth training on how to use it effectively.

So you’ll get that as part of this exclusive offer.

Real World Value:  $997.00
BONUS #3: “Lindsey’s Library” 
Finally, in the membership area, you’ll find literally thousands of hours of video training I personally recorded.

In this massive archive, you’ll discover just about anything and everything you’ll ever need to know about successful, consistently profitable trading.

Real World Value: $997.00

So let’s total it all up…

Here’s what you get as part of this exclusive offer:
The Hawkeye Professional Package  

Randy Lindsey’s 3-Step Method 

Exclusive Training 

“Lindsey’s Library” Training Archive      



TOTAL VALUE:        
What Would One Good Trade Per Month Be Worth To You?
Think about this for a second…

You’ve seen some of high-profit trade examples that were made using Hawkeye software.

What would even one good trade per month be worth to you? $1,000? $3,000? Or even a massive $52,540 NASDAQ position trade like the one we showed you above.

What would you pay for that? Would you eagerly pay $3,000 a month if you could land just one trade per month that banked between $5,000 and $10,000?

Trust me… lots of hedge funds are forking over much, much more than that for software and other systems not nearly as powerful as ours.

Well, these types of gains are entirely possible with our Hawkeye Traders products.

So you’re now at a crossroads…

You have two choices.

You Have Two Choices...
Which One Will You Make?
First, option number 1 is to do nothing. 

Just let this opportunity (which is 100% risk free) pass you by.

We are not going anywhere. Hawkeye Traders is here to stay. 

You can always come back at any time and lease our software for the usual fee of $297 a month or just buy a license outright for a one-time fee of $2,997.
Not to mention a one-time $197 activation fee we typically charge on the monthly membership.

That’s your first option.

But if you do nothing, what is going to change in your life? 

Also nothing.

So, if your trading or investing is going great... you live in the house you want, drive the car you want, can take all the vacations you want… in other words, if everything is perfect in your life, take option number 1.

No hard feelings. No harm done.

But if that’s not the case, if you’re looking for more in your life… a new opportunity for a better life for you, your family and the people you can support and serve...

… then I recommend looking at option number 2… which is this.

Take us up on this 14-day, no obligation $1 trial of our Hawkeye Traders software. Simply try it out. Make a few paper (or real) trades with it.  

There is absolutely no risk on your part. 

If you test the software out and find out it’s just not for you (which is highly doubtful), then just shoot us an email letting us know that and we’ll part as friends.

No hassles, no conditions, no sweat.

But again, we’re confident that… once you get your hands on our software… once you see the software in action… once you fully understand how you can predict potential explosive trades with laser-like precision… and once you bank that first monster trade…
You Won’t Let Our Software Go For 
All The Tea In China!
So why not give it a shot? 

Your trading just might change for the better… forever.

Yours for successful, highly accurate trading,
Randall Lindsey, CEO
Hawkeye Traders LLC

P.S. Final thoughts…

“Volume Price Analysis works. It works for me, it works for my friends, it works for hundreds of Hawkeye users and it will work for you.”

Now it’s your turn. 

Here’s your clear chance to take your trading to levels you’ve only dreamed about before.

P.P.S. And don’t forget this…

Not only do you get the 14-day trial to the software, but you also get access to “Lindsey’s Library”! A complete video mentoring and training library archive from me personally.

Just one thing… you’ll need to “pick and choose” the training topics during your trial run. There are literally THOUSAND of hours of training videos in the library!

PLUS… you get complete training on how to use the software and suite of indicators. You’ll never be left in the dark at Hawkeye Traders!

And FINALLY… you’ll get access to my exclusive 3-Step Method!

Never again will you allow emotions to murder your trading. Simply use my 3-step system to nail your trade entry and exit points (almost mechanically) for maximum profits and minimum losses.

Trading will soon seem to just be “too easy.”

All told, this offer has a real-world value of $5,986.

But for just $1 you can get in for 14 days. And then if you decide to stay, your fee is only $297 a month.

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